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Trial Tokens can be activated through interaction with the Elder Stone NPC to gain global effects that change the gameplay significantly. There are currently 14 tokens.

To unlock tokens, you need to beat the game on normal difficulty once and then gain Souls in a new playthrough. Keep the Souls until the end and they shall be converted into Res Soul Crystal.png Soul Crystals. When the requirement is met, the token will be unlocked.

The number of tokens activated affects the soul charm reward after a successful run.

Token list[edit | edit source]

Icon Token & Effect Requirement
Token Toxic Pharmacist.png Toxic Pharmacist

Damage caused by poisoning +500%. Affects to both ally and foe.

0 Soul Crystal
Token Blazing Song.png Blazing Song

Duration of burning +500%. Affects to both ally and foe.

0 Soul Crystal
Token Thunder Wrath.png Thunder Wrath

There's 50% chance of a lightning-bolt strike at a random location every 6 sec, which deals 20 Physic Dmg & 20 Lightning Dmg to anyone in that place.

200 Soul Crystal
Token Long Journey.png Long Journey

There's 30% chance to have double amount of rooms in a chapter.

400 Soul Crystal
Token Regard Money As Life.png Regard Money As Life

Each health/mana orb turn into 1 coin, spirit armor orb turn into 3 coins.

700 Soul Crystal
Token Press Foward.png Press Foward

There will be only one adventure route, no info for future levels.

1000 Soul Crystal
Token Assassin Apprentice.png Assassin Apprentice

There's 50% chance to spawn an assassin every 8 sec, who has 100 HP and possible to drop blueprints of Ninja Set relics.

Up to 2 assassins can be appear in a room simultaneously.

1300 Soul Crystal
Token Gravity Elite.png Gravity Elite

New elite enemy type that is able to draw the opponent closer.

1600 Soul Crystal
Token Blinking Elite.png Blinking Elite

New elite enemy type that will blink after being hit.

2000 Soul Crystal
Token Diamond Elite.png Diamond Elite

New elite enemy type that has -12% mov spd and -1% action spd, but can only be damaged by "Guard Break" attacks.

2400 Soul Crystal
Token Shadow Within.png Shadow Within

You may encounter a shadow enemy of your character once each chapter, who inherits all your character's equipment, state, relics, soul charm, and soul spell.

However, the shadow enemy can't switch weapons, use any skill or active item/relic.

She's also affected by global difficulty factors, such as 140% base HP on demonic difficulty, +300% HP at chapter 6, chances to have elite aura, and so on.

2800 Soul Crystal
Token Manic Hostility.png Manic Hostility

Foes tend to attack more frequently.

3200 Soul Crystal
Token Time Fiend.png Time Fiend

Every 5 minutes, 4 Specters & 1 Giant Specter will be summoned to current room.

Clearing a new room will add 30 sec to the countdown.

3600 Soul Crystal
Token Invading Boss.png Invading Boss

One of the boss fights in chapter 2 to 5 in this playthrough will be invaded by another boss from the same chapter (can be different map).

This new boss will also be affected by level factors such as "Dangerous" & “Wrathful Boss”.

4000 Soul Crystal