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Soul Idol system provides passive effects to the character according to the charms equiped.

Soul Idol[edit | edit source]

How to Unlock[edit | edit source]

After unlocking all talents of a heroine, the Raven NPC will appear in Pavilion of Spirits, hosting the Soul Idol options.

Once the idol of a character is unlocked, you receive 2 wooden charms for free, and now charms will start to appear after beating a run.

You can use a wooden charm to unlock the first 2 charm slots, a stone charm for the 3rd slot, a silver charm for the 4th, and a golden charm for the last.

Soul Charms[edit | edit source]

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

You can farm up to 10 new charms per run:

  • No reward under Easy difficulty.
  • 1 for winning a run,1 for activating every 5 more trial tokens. No reward under Easy difficulty. You gain double reward under Demonic difficulty, but won't pass a limit of 6 charms. Wooden charms only.
  • 1 for every 500 Res Soul Crystal.pngSoul Crystals you gain at a run's end*, up to 2 charms. Wooden charms only.
  • Can be purchased from Charm Shop(unlocked at Old Crone) at Chapter 6, 200 coins for the first and 400 for the second (price affected by related Relic & Charm). Wooden or stone charms only.

PS: The quantity of soul crystals you get in a run depends on how many souls you keep till the end of the run, which difficulty you're playing on, and how many trial tokens you've activated.

remaining soul number × (difficulty(Normal=1,Demonic=1.5)+activated token number*0.1) = soul crystal For example, beating a game on demonic difficulty with 10 tokens activated and 400 souls on you guarantees a maximum profit of 8 charms.

Charm Shop[edit | edit source]

Before you can unlock it through the Old Crone, you need to:

1. Change difficutly to Normal/Demonic

2. Unlock any slot of a Soul Idol

Rarity & Upgrade[edit | edit source]

There're 5 level of soul charms, starting from Wooden, Stone, Silver, Golden to Jade, showing on its base plate: WoodStoneSilverGoldJade

Charm list[edit | edit source]

General Charms
Rune Longevity.png


WoodStoneSilverGoldJade Max HP +30/40/50/60/60,Max MP -15/15/15/15/0 Rune Wisdom.png


SilverGoldJade Max MP +50/60/60, Max Stamina -10/10/0
Rune Might.png


SilverGoldJade Max Stamina +30/60/60, Max Spirit Armor -30/30/0 Rune Willpower.png


GoldJade MP Recovery +15/20, Stamina Recovery -5/0
Rune Vigor.png


WoodStoneSilverGoldJade Stamina Recovery +5/5/5/10/10, Max Spirit Armor -30/25/20/20/0 Rune Warmonger.png


WoodStoneSilverGoldJade Physic Dmg +30%/40%/50%/60%/60%, Movement Speed -6/6/6/4/0
Rune Lithe.png


GoldJade Movement Speed +6/8, Damage Reduction -5%/0% Rune Sprint.png


WoodStoneSilverGoldJade Run Speed +12/15/19/23/23, Max HP -20/20/20/20/0
Rune Divine Armor.png

Divine Armor

WoodStone Start the journey with 50/100 Spirit Armor.

SilverGold Recover 50/100 Spirit Armor when resurrected.

Jade Losing Dark Gold does not reduce Spirit Armor cap.

Rune Charm.png


StoneGold Refreshing the shop costs 30%/50% less.

Silver The first shop refresh is free.

Jade Shop items cost 20% less.

Rune Familiar Lover.png

Familiar Lover

WoodSilverJade Familiar HP +50%/100%/200%

StoneGold Familiar Physic Dmg +50%/100%

Rune Friendship.png


StoneGold +50%/100% Physic Dmg for companions you meet on your journey

SilverJade +100%/200% HP for companions you meet on your journey

Rune Wealth.png


WoodStoneSilverGoldJade Picking up gold grants +30%/40%/60%/80%/100% Physic Dmg for 15 sec
Element Charms
Rune Spark.png


SilverGoldJade Fire Damage +30/40/40, Max HP -20/20/0 Rune Pharmacist.png


SilverGoldJade Poison Damage +30/40/40, Max HP -20/20/0
Rune Frost.png


SilverGoldJade Frost Dmg +15/20/20, Physic Dmg -10%/10%/0% Rune Thunderbolt.png


SilverGoldJade Lightning Dmg +15/20/20, Physic Dmg -10%/10%/0%
Rune Bloodletting.png


SilverGoldJade Bleed Dmg +15/20/20, Max HP -10/10/0
Weapon Charms
Rune Sharp Blade.png

Sharp Blade

Wood +30% Physic Dmg when wielding a Longsword. Rune Quick Slice.png

Quick Slice

Jade +22.5% action speed for 10s after a successful parry with a Longsword.
Rune Light Spear.png

Light Spear

Wood -20% Dodge stamina cost when wielding a Polearm. Rune Power Stab.png

Power Stab

Jade Charged Polearm attacks deal +50% damage.
Rune Light Hammer.png

Light Hammer

Wood +6 Mov Spd when wielding a Sledgehammer. Rune Mana Surge.png

Mana Surge

Jade Killing enemy with charged Sledgehammer attack recovers 10 MP.
Rune Bloodthirst.png


Wood +5% Lifesteal when wielding Twin Arms. Rune Ghost Step.png

Ghost Step

Jade +100% Physic Dmg by 100% for 1 sec after dodging with Twin Arms.
Rune Crush.png


Wood Shield bashes increases the target's damage taken by 30% for 10 sec. Rune Shield Wall.png

Shield Wall

Jade Raising your shield grants Hyper Armor and +50% damage resist.
Rune Sharp Edge.png

Sharp Edge

Wood Left-hand damage +30% when wielding a Sickle and Chain. Rune Soul Hook.png

Soul Hook

Jade Throw charge up damage +50% when wielding a Sickle and Chain.
Rune Steady.png


Wood Gain Hyper Armor while charging with Blunderbusses. Rune Reload.png


Jade -20% Bombard charge up time.
Character Skill Charms
Rune Divine Fury.png

Divine Fury

Byleth - Berserk

Stone Addtional Effect: Releases a shockwave upon activating, dealing 2x physic dmg to foes around, stunning them for 5s.

Silver Addtional Effect: Each enemy killed grants +20% Physic Dmg, up to 300%.

Gold Addtional Effect: Removes all debuffs on the character and grants immune to them.

Jade Addtional Effect: Being attacked grants +20% Physic Dmg, up to 300%.

Rune Domain.png


Ajiela - Lifesteal

Stone Addtional Effect: nearby enemies -5 HP/s.

Silver Addtional Effect: nearby enemies -30% Physic Dmg.

Gold Addtional Effect: nearby enemies are slowed(mov spd -10, dodge dist. -50%, stamina regen -5/s, act spd -7.5%).

Jade Addtional Effect: familiars also gain 10% Lifesteal.

Rune Gravity Force.png

Gravity Force

Kharoum - Attraction

Stone Addtional Effect: The radius of Attraction is doubled.

Silver Alternative Version: Pushes & knocks down foes, dealing 2x physic dmg and stunning them for 2s.

Gold Addtional Effect: Slowed(mov spd -10, dodge dist. -50%, stamina regen -5/s, act spd -7.5%) foes for 10s.

Jade Addtional Effect: Weakens foes and thunder strike from the heavens at the skill's location.

Rune Assassination.png


Xilvaron - Mass Stun

Stone Addtional Effect: Reduced radius, grants +100% Physic Dmg for 15s.

Silver Alternative Version: Large AOE attack, deals 1x physic dmg and considered as a back stab.

Gold Addtional Effect: Greatly reduced radius, if an affected enemy is killed within 5s, automatically cast another Mass Stun at no cost.

Jade Alternative Version: Creates 3 phantoms of her (the phantoms have less Physic Dmg).

Rune Nature.png


Ralciel - Regenerate

Stone Addtional Effect: Damage taken is also reflected back at the attacker.

Silver Alternative Version: For 10 sec, attacks against Ralciel does not damage her but heal her for 10 HP.

Gold Alternative Version: Grants 50 Spirit Armor.

Jade Addtional Effect: Various minions are summoned at random.

Rune Control.png


Japhriel - Slow

Stone Addtional Effect: +30 Bleed Dmg.

Silver Alternative Version: Enemies will randomly be Slowed, Confused, or Charmed.

Gold Alternative Version: Your attacks' damage +100%

Jade Addtional Effect: Lightning will strike the enemy randomly.

Rune Tech.png


Tindra - Strategic Bomb

Stone Alternative Version: Explosions will not knock back or knock down targets, but they will stun.

Silver Addtional Effect: Doubled detonate delay, +50% explosion damage.

Gold Alternative Version: Sends out bunch of missiles when explode, each deals 0.12x phy dmg & 60 fire dmg.

Jade Addtional Effect: Deals half explosion damage, pulls foes in a large area for 5 sec.

Soul Spell[edit | edit source]

Equiping charms in specific combination grants additional effect to the character.

Type Effect

Sharp BladeQuick Slice

Has a 10% chance to insta-kill non-boss foes.

Light SpearPower Stab

Max Stamina +20, Stamina Recovery +5.
Limitless Mana

Light HammerMana Surge

Max MP +30, MP Recovery +10.
Absolute Counter

BloodthirstGhost Step

+100% Physic Dmg for 3 sec after being hit.
As Calm as a Still Lake

CrushShield Wall

Inflict +50 Stun per hit.
The Bigger They Are

Sharp EdgeSoul Hook

Damage against enemies with Hyper Armor +30%.
Blasting Off Again


Knockback distance +100%.
Bodhi Heart Seal


Max MP +20, MP Recovery +10.
Alchemical Dream


Max HP +30, has a chance to cleanse debuffs.
Strength in Numbers


Gain +10% Physic Dmg for each ally you have.
Nirvana Annihilation

Divine ArmorSparkFrost

Resurrecting increases Physic Dmg by 50% (entering a new chapter removes this buff).


Run Speed +12, Movement Speed +6.
Like a Cockroach


Max HP +30, when receiving lethal damage, remain alive with 1 HP and knock enemies back. Can trigger once per map.
Help When Needed

WealthFamiliar LoverFriendship

Max HP +30, all allies gain +50% HP and +50% Physic Dmg.
Supercharged Orbs

Familiar LoverWealthLongevity

Orbs are 50% more potent.
Elemental Control


Deal +100% Elemental damage (Fire, Poison, Frost, Electric).
Divine Possession

Divine FuryThunderboltWarmonger

Max HP +30, Divine Revival Uses +1.


Physic Dmg +30%, casting skills damages nearby enemies, knocks them back and stuns them.
Universal Laws

Gravity ForceSprintLithe

Physic Dmg +30, movement is not affected by fields.
Unrelenting Blitzkrieg

AssassinationGhost StepSprint

Dodge Distance +30%, Physic Dmg +30%, Stamina Recovery +5, killing foes fully restores Stamina.
Protective Aura

NatureShield WallDivine Armor

Max MP +30, casting a skill grants a Spirit Shield (blocks one attack). Only one shield can be active at any one time.

ControlWillpowerSoul Hook

Max Stamina +20, throwing attacks have Guard Break effect, charge up time -20%
Prajna of True Reality


Fire Damage +20, Lightning Dmg +20.